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pm game sites including instructions

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pm game sites including instructions

Post by nyvermynd on Wed Mar 29, 2017 8:06 am

this is the best way to earn and entertain yourself.
no requirement of any sign up
each time you win your funds will be added in your perfectmoney acount.
first open an ac on perfect moeny follow the link bellow
now fund it
min bet is usd 0.05
now fund your perfectmoney acount at least 20 to 30 usd
now ready to play
for a safe earning follow the instructions
. pick head only
fix bet 0.05 or max 0.10
if you win
if you lost
double up your bet means 0.05x2=0.10
and play in the same way
bet only on head or only on tail once you played very first time.
now repeat it untill you win
it likely happens that you can loose 5 to 9 times in a row. but as your bet is multiplied by 2 so when you win even after 15 times there will be wictory.
when your winnings reach upto 3 to 5 times.stop it.
now follow same way but on next or other site
these are mostly paying sites here i given for your entertainmen.
this is not the best way or regular source of income but timely u can enjoy for fun.
best of luck


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